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Internship: Structural Engineering

Locatie: Capelle, Heerenveen, Almere   


We are looking for interns! 

'Eager to learn, ambitions, looking for a change to develop yourself in your field of expertise? At Antea Group you will get the opportunity and the freedom to grow and proof yourself in a challenging environment! It will be an educational experience and a good start of your career.' 


Your Challenge

The Dutch infrastructure network is a high-quality civil engineering network, which is kept up to date with thorough maintenance programs. However, some of the infrastructure dates back to the mid 1900's and is about to reach (or has reached) the end of its design life. This is also the case for a large number of (movable) steel bridges. To decide what to do with these old bridges, whether it is to replace or to maintain, an engineering analysis is performed. One of which is a fatigue analysis.  

Recent insights in the loading for fatigue analysis have led to an alternative approach to analyse stress effects in steel bridge decks, which will be implemented in the infrastructure market soon. In this internship you will focus on this new modelling approach and implement the approach for orthotropic bridge decks into our operation procedure, using Python code. To achieve an optimal technical implementation using coding, a research question like the examples below can be considered:  

  • In what way can the new fatigue analysis method be implemented efficiently in the current working method of Antea Group B.V.?  
  • Is the new approach generally applicable for each point of interest (detail) in the deck, or is there a dependency?  
  • In what way and for what details does the new fatigue analysis method influence the design life of structures?  

The internship will provide you with the opportunity to gain practical experience within one of the largest engineering consultancies nationwide. It will be a chance to apply and demonstrate your engineering skills and utilise your academic skills in a practical problem.  


What we ask of you 

In a world that is continuously changing we are looking for people with ambition and a passion for what they do. People who combine their professional knowledge with the motivation to achieve the best results and want to learn. When you apply fort his internship, this is what we expect from you: 

  • You are a civil engineering student at a university pursuing a BSc or MSc degree 
  • You are pro-active 
  • You have affinity with a programming language, preferably python, or you are willing to learn to work with python 
  • You have good analytical and problem-solving skills 
  • You are a team-player 

The preferred starting time is September of 2021, this is however not mandatory. The preferred working language is Dutch, however English is also possible. 


Internship at Antea Group 

At Antea Group we can offer you a challenging, diverse and innovative environment where initiative is appreciated and rewarded with trust. It is a company with the freedom to work in order to achieve your ambitions and where colleagues are always ready to help you. This will quickly make you feel at home at our company.   


Antea Group and Infrastructure 

Antea group is an engineering consultancy which offers services in a wide range of different fields of expertise. One of these fields is infrastructure. In the infrastructure business line we work on bridges, sluices, aqueducts, (rail)roads, tunnels, you name it. Because we are organised as a big company with different business lines we have the benefits of being a big company along with the pros such as flexibility and easy communication as if being a small company. 


Are you interested? 

Do you like programming in Python and did you find one or more of the following courses to be interesting, then this assignment is for you? (of course, not mandatory)  

  • Python programming  
  • Fatigue  
  • Probabilistic Design and Risk Management  
  • Steel bridges  


Contact us! Send us your resume and a motivation letter.


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For more information, contact Floor Kempers, +00316 83 16 86 44.